“I am not addicted. I do this every day and I’m fine!”

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“I am not addicted. I do this every day and I’m fine!” Nobody wants to be addicted to things that are interfering with their quality of life. Nobody wants to admit they are addicted. We all just want to be like everybody else. But we’re not. Simple as that. We’re different. It took me a […]

Telling Stories

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When I started this blog back in 2007 I had no idea if anybody would read it, other than me. Facebook was brand new, I think, at least it was new to me, and the Twitters and Pinterests were things I had never heard of. People seemed to like what I had to say, so […]

Haters Gonna Hate

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I hate to admit it, but the social media “haters” get under my skin. It’s not what they say that bugs me, rather their cowardly “hit and run” method of operation. I used to respond to the commentary that is generated by my more controversial posts. Now, I just let it go. I write a […]

20 Clues Your Dad is a Firefighter

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You’re a firefighter and let’s face it, you’re a little different from the rest. As the years go by, and the experiences pile up, parts of “the job” begin to define who you are. It doesn’t happen all at once, and most of the time you can’t even notice it. Your kids, not knowing the […]

13 things that drive a medic nuts…

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I spent a long time working in the inner city on an ALS rig, Rescue 1 in Providence, RI. It was an amazing ride, and if I could do it all over I wouldn’t change a thing. Every now and then I like to point out the absurdity that is EMS, not every time we […]

A Walk into the Fire

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  Here’s a nice production about the Providence Fire Department, I was proud to be a part of it.   https://vimeo.com/provfiredocumentary/review/129998579/9f29a68c07

The what if we’re wrong-a-thon – Narcan edition

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Brandon, over at EMS Basics had a great idea; what if some of the more opinionated bloggers out there were to allow themselves the opportunity to change their minds about a topic that they have argued for or against, and try and look at their position in a new light. I took the bait, and […]

as usual…Politics

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“Here’s your new schedule. Take it and shut up, or screw, there’s plenty of people waiting to do your job.” This is the shit that kills firefighters more than fires, more than heart attacks, falls, electrocutions or drownings. This is the shit that sneaks into a firefighters subconscious and eats away at their desire to […]

The Beach

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A firefighter needs a place to go to unwind after the tour is through. I am fortunate, a twenty minute walk takes me to a beach where hardly anybody goes. It wasn’t that way in years gone by; Gaspee Point is the place where the first blow for freedom from British Tyranny began. I go […]

With Gratitude

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I think of the soldiers whose lives ended in a foreign land, or even here at home, far away from their friends and families. I think of their last moments, as they looked into the eyes of a person they may have known only a little while, but whose bond held them tighter than blood […]

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Michael Morse

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The what if we’re wrong-a-thon – Narcan edition
this is a subject that provokes an ethical debate. i am a long time medic and believe narcan should be available to everyone. we didnt make these people junkies, but I suppose everyone has a right to save themselves or their loved ones. your logic about not doing drugs is sound, BUT! do we still…
2015-06-22 10:20:00
13 things that drive a medic nuts…
Calling from the parking lot or across the street, or even the waiting room because they haven't been "seen".
2015-06-19 14:22:27
13 things that drive a medic nuts…
That's awesome and so darn true! I got a good chuckle out of the fact that we are truly the only ones that can relate to these type of calls. I read your book it was great! Take care! Jay
2015-06-19 13:47:54
13 things that drive a medic nuts…
I don't know where you serve, but this list is dead-on!!!
2015-06-19 05:21:15
Rolonne Marie Ross
13 things that drive a medic nuts…
Our E.M.T.s are our Guardian Angels in Canada and are revere most admirably except where our Govt is concerned .My favourite story comes from Prince Rupert B,C. ,where my friend's twin brother worked as a Paramedic.They got a call from a man whose father couldn't feel his feet.Paralysis from trauma was the first thought until…
2015-06-19 04:02:38

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