Detroit Brotherhood

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I have the utmost respect for the firefighters in Detroit. My friend, Eric, aka Cornholio Medic worked Detroit EMS, and if the firefighters  there are half as good as him, well, that’s  good enough for me. One of their family is fighting breast cancer, and they orginized a few fundraisers, here’s one we can all […]

Under the Desk

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I used to worry about an atom bomb ruining everything. I honestly believed that “The Russians” would someday figure out how to obliterate us, and we them, and everything we knew would end. In school we would hold end-of-the-world drills, where we would crawl under our desks, put our heads between our knees and wait […]

A momentary lapse of reason…

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I’ve been there. I’ve treated the same addicts again and again. Most of the time they were grateful, ashamed and humble when the narcan brought them back. Sometimes they were arrogant, hostile and kind of scary. It took me some time, but once I got it into my thick skull that these are people suffering […]

Not my best day

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Fuel? check Lights and siren? check Medications, IV equipment? check, check Splints, bandages and peroxide? check, check, check! Stretcher? Stretcher? Stretcher? Just when you think you are a hero somebody from East Providence needs a rescue and you don’t have a stretcher. Too bad we didn’t realize it before we got there. Thankfully, firefighters are […]


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The best thing about writing a book is you get to dedicate them to people you care about. I dedicated my first to my wife and kids. That sentence remains the best thing I’ve ever written, to me anyway. The second I dedicated to two college kids, one who died, the other who lived. Those […]

It Mattered

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Sometimes  I think it was all for nothing. Then I give it some thought. What we do matters. Nothing much tops that. “At the end of your career, when the ink has not only dried, but has begun to fade from the pages of history, it all becomes clear. You DID matter. You were one […]

The Next Generation

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Just when the old goat thought his get up and go got up and went, a kid from New Jersey sends me an e-mail, said he read “The Books,” asked if I would be interested in helping him with his class project. He’s 15 years old and a junior firefighter for his town’s volunteer fire […]

For Immediate Release

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Michael Morse Post Hill Press has acquired the rights to Rescuing Providence and Rescue 1 Responding. The books are being released an all new bind-up which includes both titles, and will be distributed by Simon and Schuster, available at all major retailers and Bookstores on January 26, 2016. Rescuing Providence […]

Oh Well

Entry Img When something makes me uncomfortable I figure I’m either doing something wrong,  or something important. Exposing my demons through my writing definitely makes me uncomfortable, but if by doing so I can help another person who might be struggling,  how wrong can that be? Anyway, here’s  my most recent foray into something  uncomfortable. 

I know that I killed him.

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VinothChandar, via I know that I killed him. For years I’ve made excuses, avoided thinking about it, rationalized and lied to myself, but I’m as certain that I killed him as I am that the sun will rise tomorrow. For me anyway. He was an addict, and not a very nice one. More often […]

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