Vampyros VIII “The Axe”

The woman shrieked instead. I opened my eyes and beheld her once lascivious face now two halves, and a firefighters axe neatly positioned between those two halves. At the handle was none other than the FDNY firefighter whose truck had broken down last night.

"Fancy meeting you here," I said, and grinned, and allowed myself the luxury of feeling. I felt alive once again, deadly alive, and took the shattered table leg from her grasp, and just as her healing powers began to repair her face drove the stake through her heart. She had the audacity to look surprised, and not a little pissed, and formed her mouth into the beginning of a scream that never emanated from her disintegrating vocal chords, and she faded from our view, her shock evident on her, well-faces, then was no more than a pile of ash on the old  chief's kitchen floor…


"Vampyros" is the story of a volunteer fire company in the mountains of Vermont whose ranks have been infiltrated by a group of Vampires. They impersonate firefighters and respond to emergencies in the Town of Essex, reigning misery upon the townspeople.

Malcolm and Angus, two Vampire paramedics with more good than bad in their blood team up with a retired FDNY firefighter to rid the town of the scourge of the bloodthirsty Vampyros.

The story will be novel length, this is the first of what undoubtedly will be four or five drafts, I thought it would be fun for people who read this blog to get a feel for how something is written, one grueling chapter at a time, then revised when all of the mistakes become evident as the story progresses.

Fell free to edit, make suggestions, or simply ignore the whole thing, it's a work in progress!

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Michael Morse

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