* the following rant is the result of the contributors reaction to reading about a high school student's "cryptic" Facebook post which was discovered after he murdered three classmates and wounded two others. How the author linked the murders and working conditions in China is anybody's guess. The following has everything to do with the views and opinions of Rescuing Providence and its contributor.

I've been waiting for a decade for the American youth to finally say, "enough is enough, I want my freedom back!"

Looks like I'm going to have to keep waiting. Kids today are so enamored with themselves that they are easy to control. Let them post a picture of themselves on Facebook, and have their 1597 "friends" see it and they  easily ignore the working conditions of the people making their little devices. That disturbing story was exposed a few weeks ago. Looks like Apple isn't so cool after all.

We all know what's going on in China, those sweatshops that make our playthings and contribute to our own country's demise keep on chugging pollution into non-government regulated blue skies and boxing the "product" to ship to the self-obsessed Americans. And we ignore it.

Every teenaged kid today has a little leash on them, cleverly disguised as an I-phone, or I-pad or whatever razor like verizony thing they can get their hands on. Yeah, they get to be "connected" like never before, but with that connection comes a price.

We know where you are.

That would freak me out if I was a kid. It's bad enough teenagers have to piss in a cup to get a job at the grocery store, and can't  drive when they're sixteen, unless you call curfews and an adult in the car driving privileges, and have their lives subject to a sneak camera attack by their "friends," but what makes me crazy is that they embrace the restrictions, and keep on tweeting about their trip to the mall while two unjustified wars went on right under their ignorant little noses.

The world is watching, they think to themselves, because what they write and post is noticed, and on "the web" for everybody to see. But what they seem to misunderstand is the small fact that everybody who is watching is doing so so that somebody will watch them, and listen to them, and be seen by them. It is a self-perpetuating mutual admiration society fueled by the celebrity obsessed culture we have fed by our disinterest in our own lives and the desire to live somebody elses.

Here's a newsflash-the world doesn't give a shit. The world waits for the next thing to titillate them, and yesterday's murders are forgotten as soon as somebody else does something stupid. If people were more concerned with themselves and how they interact with real people, and have two way conversations rather than monolugues written with the hope of a "like" or an incomplete sentence paying homage to the brilliance of the poster then perhaps we would begin to live fulfilling lives again, and stop relying on technology other people invented and we do not understand to get our kicks.

Honestly, what the hell happened to rebellious youth? Left to their own devices they wouldn't know what to do. I'll take a pain in the ass kid with a little anarchy in him over a sneaky little twerp who's addicted to himself any day. A person outgrows their rebelliousness eventually, but grows some balls during the time when their hormones are raging, and anything seems possible. It's hard to be old and wise when you were never young and wild. Playing thumbalina all day on a device that was produced in a labor camp in a country that exports ten times as much stuff as it imports is a gigantic waste of time.

The job market in America is terrible, and will continue to be so if we continue to expect everything for nothing. Global competition with countries who have no rules or restrictions on their workforce and pollution is not competition-it never was. It's slaughter, and our youth is being led right to it while they text each other about the latest gadget that they got on the cheap from Amazon.

I hope I live to see the day when the people we need the most to stand up for individual rights and freedom do so, and say "Fuck Facebook" and all that goes with it, and dump their electronic chains into the trash and start thinking for themselves.

Maybe then this country will start working.




  • Steve says:

    That's the saddest thing you've ever writen Michael.  True, but sad just the same…                  Sixty years ago Einstein feared that our technology had surpassed our humanity. Wondered if, and hoped that, we could catch up.  Truth is the answer was no.

  • michael says:

    I just read an Einstein quote where he said something like if he could do it over he would be a peddler, or plumber, something where he could control his own destiny. Smart man. Thanks Steve.

  • Dan says:

    "The job market in America is terrible, and will continue to be so if we continue to expect everything for nothing. Global competition with countries who have no rules or restrictions on their workforce and pollution is not competition-it never was."
    What do you propose, Michael? Tariffs, sanctions, wars, etc.

  • michael says:

    Dan, how many times do I have to go over this? This is a blog, an on-line diary. I like to share my thoughts with people. They are not sound economic theory, or researched or fact checked, just my reaction to the world around me.
    People seem to like it, and I like the attention. I don't have the answeres, and never claimed I did. As a matter of fact, if everybody decided to quit facebook and dump their I-Gadgets, I imagine there would be an economic catastrophy. But I don't know.

  • Dan says:

    Simple question, I thought. No need to get excited.
    Sometimes people who point to problems offer solutions.

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