Through the Cracks

Sometimes something makes it through the cracks in the cement, and reaches for the sky, oblivious of the litter and broken glass surrounding it

Somehow, it  manages to grow, and avoid being trampled by the hundreds of footsteps that  blindly pass

An opening appears, some light and warmth breaking through the concrete, and it takes off, not knowing how high it will reach

Or if it will be destroyed without ever being noticed

To reach for the sky, feeling  nothing but life, growth and well-being,

Surrounded by litter and broken glass, and the errant footstep that could kill me

And move, and breathe, and connect with the people whose lives cross my path as I continue to reach for the sky,

And avoid those that want to crush me

On purpose. or just by chance

Now that would be something

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  • Pat Blackman/Grandma Muggle says:

    Keep reaching Michael! Lovely thought. Beauty and strength can be found in the most unusual places. ;-)

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