He’s dead, they are not

The fire company arrived just as the crowd started losing control.


"He's dead."

"I know."

"Why are you doing CPR."

"Cuz they don't."


Yeah he was dead. Yeah he was cold. Yeah he was going to stay dead.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. Do me a favor, will ya? Just go through the motions with me here. There's ten people just saw him breathing an hour ago. They don't want to hear he's dead. They got a life to live after he's gone. They got some soul searching to do. They gotta explain to themselves and a whole lotta other people how their twenty year old friend overdosed in their house while they went on partying. They gotta know we tried.


"Fuck them."


"Fuck them? Fuck me, just help me get him outta here, will ya, this isn't going well."

"Well whatja start CPR for?"

"Cuz dead twenty year olds deserve a chance. And there's ten of them and two of us, and who knows when the cops will get here."


We dragged the dead kid out of there, and the crowd tried to follow, some of them, anyway, others stood there, shocked.


People are not idiots forever. People change, they grow, they learn, they get better. Yeah, they fucked up, and yeah their friend is dead, and yeah he ain't coming back. But they didn't put the needle in his arm, they didn't kill him, and they need to get their heads out of their asses, smarten up and start getting better.


Their friend is dead. They are not. They deserve a chance.



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