Stopping the bleeding, starting the heart, getting the stick, sinking the tube…for me, that's the easy part. Witnessing a teenaged girl who lives in the midst of crackheads, whores and thieves break down in frustration, and doing my best to pull it together during a ten minute transport, not so much.


  • Mike says:

    My heart goes out to that poor girl. Must be hard for you Sir but kudos for keeping it all together.

  • sarah says:

    How sad for both of you, wish I could hug you both.



  • Mike says:

    Yes but . The main fact is rockford police fail to do the re job . But try harder to make it look as they are doing there job . But crime in rockford goes up. 3 new sub station s won’t fix it as well as the shoot fired sensors. And now they want to put police men and women. Into houses in the neighborhood s . Just maybe you think filling the jail would be a start. The numbers have to go up before they go down . Sorry for the teenage girl . To be caught in the mess of a city where you can do whatever you want and no one in law in for cement will do a thing to stop you .

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