Where is Santa?

It’s time once again for one of my favorite passtimes, telling Ghost Stories! Loren Eaton at I Saw Lightening Fall has provided a creepy, wonderful means for us to tell some good ones. The rules are simple, 100 words, no more, no less, and make it creepy!

“From your chair by the window, you can see snow sluicing down from a leaden sky, white on gray. The radiator ticks. The eaves creak. Metal clinks against porcelain as you shiver while stirring your drink. The world itself seems blasted by cold, an empty waste of icy earth hard as iron, denuded of life.

But, oh, it is not. Had you eyes to see, you could behold the host of restless spirits moving across this chill tableau, a cloud of unsettled witnesses. Are you sure you want to know what have they seen? Because you are anything but alone. They can tell of the wayfarer huddled in the woods just over the hill whose red right hand turned against his brother. They can tell of the nameless thing that stalks him, desperate to slake its undying thirst. And they can tell of the quiet congregation accreting by your back door.

Come, turn the knob and let us tell you our stories…”

~Loren Eaton


Here’s my contribution…


“Maybe believing in Santa is the cure.”bloody knife

“He seems happier.”

“He’s been waiting for weeks.”

“What a relief it will be to have our boy back.”

“I’d hate to have him diagnosed with Autism or Aspergers.”

“Tomorrow is Christmas. Maybe we’ll see our own miracle.”
Before dawn they crept down the stairs, anticipating the delight on their six year old’s face when he saw his presents under the tree. Christmas ended abruptly when they saw their collection of kitchen knives precisely placed in the fireplace, pointing up.

“So, where’s Santa?” asked their son, speaking for the first time in years.


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