Is it Time to Arm Firefighters and EMS

From my article at Uniform Stories…

7 Reasons Why NOT to Arm EMS

arming ems


1) EMS is hard enough. Carrying a firearm (and maintaining proper training) while on duty will only make it harder.

2) The public we serve needs to know we are neutral. Arming even one EMS provider ruins that status and puts all of us at risk.

3) A firearm will not help in close quarter assaults.

4) The overwhelming majority of attacks on EMS providers are not deadly. Many would escalate with a gun in the mix.

5) Two hands on the patient = no hands on the gun.

6) Arming EMS providers will not make us less prone to being attacked. The people who attack us now are the same ones who attack armed police officers — with deadly results.

7) “Medic 1, stage for police…oh, never mind, you guys have guns, advance to the scene…”


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  • Jason says:

    I respectively disagree. 1. If we carried it should be concealed and in being concealed no one would know which ones are armed and which ones are not and therefore causing them to think before attacking. 2. I will say that our training should be in all kinds of defensive actions from close quarters to verbal judo which as of right know if we want this we have to go on our own. 3. Protecting myself and my partner does in no way negate our neutrality. But until then I will do whatever it takes to remain safe but If you have the experience you say you do waiting till the scene secure does not always mean it will stay that way.

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