Dying to help

…Society is filled with people suffering from emotional and psychological problems. Many of these folks lead productive lives once helped by remarkably effective treatments; therapy and medication produce tangible results in the mentally ill. Some patients have given up on treatment, choosing to make their own way in the world unimpeded by modern medicine. Most are not successful. Many have no access to the healthcare system. Whether that is their own decision or beyond their control is irrelevant, what matters is there are a lot of untreated mentally ill people living among us…


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  • Nicole W. says:

    Mental illness, is an illness, that in my opinion is not taken seriously enough. There aren’t enough resources available at all. I speak from my own experiences. I myself battle from “mental” illness, have since I was 12, and it amazes me how you can be denied help when you absolutely need it most. The usual excuse is, “because there aren’t enough beds”?? Yes, in your darkest hour you are sent out the door with zero treatment/medicine, but given a referral to a psychiatrist that can see you in a minimum of 2 weeks. If you are a danger to yourself or others why would you be denied help??. I’m beyond sad that lives are lost, but could have disaster been averted?? Read the statics, make your own judgements. Mental health care reform is absolutely necessary in this day in age, most struggle privately because of societies stigma. Don’t forget our Veterans, who fought for our country and are also denied treatment for PTSD and other illnesses, and the danger they are in.

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