No Hugs! (unless you are Scott Grace)

A friend asked me to repost this, I took it down from my Facebook page because of the profound sadness that overwhelmed me yesterday made it seem inappropriate.

As the pain diminishes memories of our time together returns, and his very innapropriateness made me love him even more.

Scott passed away earlier this week. He was 44. He didn’t ¬†overdose, he didn’t commit suicide, he got sick and died, thinking he would feel better in the morning.

This is for my friend, Scott Grace, the one exception to my no hug rule.

“Bring it in for the real thing!”

I’ll hunt you down in the afterlife for one more you fabulous bastard. Godspeed.

From years ago, When Scott would make me hug him even though I pretended to hate it…

As beautiful a person as there is. Rest now, we’ll keep playing, feel free to join us when the spirit moves you.


What is up with all this handshake huggy stuff all the young guys are doing now? Every time I go to shake somebodies hand who happens to be under thirty they drag me in and give me a hug. Don’t like it. Nothing personal, but I like my space.¬† My brother, the Iraq war veteran, Correctional Officer all around tough guy and I have been through fistfights, rockfights, a knife fight or two and a couple of gunfights-never hugged. Children have been born, homes bought, parents died, kids graduated, milestone after milestone and we never hugged. The last time we touched anything other than our right hands was our last episode of Kung Fu, Ali-Frasier¬†wrestling when we were twelve and ten. I love the man, and am not afraid to say it, I’d take a bullet for him, but NO HUGS!

From here on, if anybody attempts to hug me during a handshake, I will be forced to assume I’m being brought close for something deadly, a shiv attack or worse, and respond with deadly force of my own. The ancient Babble-on-ians started the handshake as a means of holding their enemies hand to avert an attack. That’s when men were men, no hugging allowed. I like it that way, nice and simple.

If you feel an overwhelming desire to hug while greeting substitutes are acceptable. Wives, girlfriends and mothers will do.


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