It’s all fun and games, so nobody loses their mind

Men, especially men who do tough jobs make fun of each other. We do it loudly, in public and don’t hold back. We exploit each other’s weaknesses for our own amusement.

There is no honor or dignity in it, it

    42nd Training Academy 1992

is not kind or dignified. We hurt each other’s feelings, then do it again. More times than not, the harder we hurt, the funnier it is, and the deeper the laughter.

We learn right quick that the best defense is to acknowledge whatever it is we said, thought, wore, acted or other, laugh at ourselves and hit back. Harder.

When we absolutely cannot have feelings, and have a tough job to do, it becomes crystal clear:

We torture each other because we care, and don’t want any of us to get hurt. Really hurt.

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