The solution

What if . . .

We train our dispatchers to ask questions like medics in the field; assess the callers needs to the best of our ability and send the appropriate  resources:

1. Paramedic

2. EMT

3. UBER or similar

4. Police

If none of the above is appropriate  or necessary, send nobody.

We do not have a lack of resources in EMS, we have a lack of focus. We cannot be everything to everybody, and it is critical we stop trying to be.

Adding resources to serve a population based on their expectations has gotten us into this mess (long response times, burned out medics, vehicle breakdown, lawsuits, death.) 

A properly trained dispatcher with management support to make proper decisions free from fear of discipline, media ridicule, termination and guilt will solve most of the current problems in EMS.

It really is that simple.

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