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Rescuing Providence, by Michael Morse

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This is the home of Rescuing Providence, written by Michael Morse. Michael is a retired Captain with the Providence, RI Fire Department. He started his career in 1991 and retired in 2016. After graduating from the 42nd training academy he was temporarily assigned to Special Hazards 1, then moved to Ladder Co. 7, Engine Co. […]

Horror (bringing bedbugs home)

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Call to 911 for flu-like symptoms? .25 cents Rapid response by rescue 5? $300.00 Expert EMS treatment and transport? $425.00 The look on the EMT’s face when he sees a bedbug in the middle of the stretcher after transporting? Priceless. Returning to quarters with bedbugs and infesting the firehouse? Beyond priceless!

Being There

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By Michael Morse When I see images from a disaster, Photo credit Eric Norberg terrorist attack, or mass shooting flash across my screen, my eyes are drawn to the rescuers, not the victims. I focus on the job at hand and the people doing it. I wonder what they are thinking, how they are managing, […]