Horror (bringing bedbugs home)

Call to 911 for flu-like symptoms?

.25 cents

Rapid response by rescue 5?


Expert EMS treatment and transport?


The look on the EMT’s face when he sees a bedbug in the middle of the stretcher after transporting?


Returning to quarters with bedbugs and infesting the firehouse?

Beyond priceless!




  • Bob Lincoln says:

    Better than finding it in your bunk.

  • Bill says:

    Had a call in a very rural area of RI last week like this. Caller reported man down. Arrived to find male with a host of issues, mostly rather life threatening. EMS crew did fantastic job btw. In the middle of the incident caller adds he was spraying for bed bugs b/c they had an infestation recently.

  • Bill says:

    That was a show stopper for me. You wouldn't expect such a statement from the locale and distance from urban RI. Resulted in a rather hasty decon. Goes to show you never know.

  • michael says:

    Awful little creatures, one of our stations was infested, see them all the time. Too bad they are migrating, hope you kept them off of you!

  • B says:

    Hope you guys got yourselves and that truck deconned!

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