Rescuing Providence, by Michael Morse

This is the home of Rescuing Providence, written by Michael Morse. Michael is a retired Captain with the Providence, RI Fire Department. He started his career in 1991 and retired in 2016. After graduating from the 42nd training academy he was temporarily assigned to Special Hazards 1, then moved to Ladder Co. 7, Engine Co. 2, Ladder Co. 4, and  Engine Co. 9. In 2001 he was assigned to the department’s EMS division for a six month tour. In a blink, six months became 15 years. He was a rescue technician on Rescue Co. 1 for a year, them became Lieutenant of Rescue Co. 3 until transferring back to Rescue 1 as Lieutenant where he served for eight years until being promoted to Captain, Rescue Co, 5.

Morse began writing about his experiences in 2004, and started this blog in 2006. His first book, Rescuing Providence was published by Paladin Press in 2007. Since then he has written four more books, Rescue 1 Responding, which is the sequel to Rescuing Providence, City Life, a collection of short stories, Rescue 911, another collection and Mr. Wilson Makes it Home which tells the story of Morse moving into the next chapter of life after the fire service.

He is currently a columnist with EMS1, Fire Engineering and The Providence Journal.

Michael and his family live in Rhode Island, travel a little, work a little and live a lot.

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