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Missing their Captains

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She actually apologized for calling us. “I didn’t want to bother you, but I can’t stand the pain any longer.” Her home was meticulous, nestled on a quiet street in the Mount Pleasant section of the city, surrounded by beautiful yet modest homes that showed the pride of their owners. The city has a few […]

He is Us

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See this guy? I see him, don’t recognize him, never met him, sadly never will but I know him. I worked with him for twenty five years. He is us. I know he’s made of different stuff than most, that he shows up, and does the job, and takes care of his family and doesn’t […]

Talking with teachers

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I was asked to speak at The Retired Teachers of Rhode Island’s annual meeting this year. I was worried about what to say, didn’t  think teachers and firefighters had all that much in common. My worries were unfounded, turns out we have the most important thing of all in common; the desire to help others. […]