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Campfire Tour 2014

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Well folks, we made it through another summer, and the finest time of the year is upon us once again! To celebrate another Autumn I have compiled this year’s Campfire Tour set list. 2014′s edition includes some old time favorites and a couple of new songs that I have been working diligently on, but I […]

Ebola is the enemy, not the people who carry it

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At around eight in the morning a man called 911 for transport to the emergency room. He had been vomiting, had diarrhea, fever and aches and pains. “Use universal precautions” we were advised by dispatch. The patient sat in a wheelchair, barely able to use his sleeve to wipe the snot that flowed freely from his […]

ER Survival

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Overheard in the front, after another run. New guy on board “How come everybody at the hospital likes you?” “Not everybody likes me. But they don’t dislike me either. It’s not that hard, and anybody can do it. Even you. They don’t care if we are good looking, because we’re not. They don’t care if […]

loving it

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In EMS, we can see more in one shift than many people see in a lifetime. Related Articl 5 crazy but common EMS scenes and how to manage them Related Resource Read more columns by Michael Morse Related content sponsored by: We revive patients, deliver babies, heal wounds and witness the most dramatic moments of […]

Taking it with you

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She sat across the room, ten, maybe 15 feet away. I don’t think that she was aware that I was aware of her, and her condition. Last week she told me that her due date was two days away, which made her five days overdue. She was uncomfortable, and so was I. I couldn’t relax. […]

Ebola in Providence?

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A reporter from Providence, RI has contracted the Ebola virus. Scary stuff. Rhode Island has the largest Liberian population in the country, per capita. How quickly it could happen; a person ill, they call 911, we respond, enter their home, and begin treatment.   “What’s wrong?” “I don’t feel well.” “How long?” “Three days.” “Have […]

War Movies

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Robin Shotola Photography / Flickr I was watching Saving Private Ryan when my phone rang. My brother, calling from Iraq. I hadn’t heard from him in around two weeks. He was “on a mission.” We talked for a while, pretended things were normal, when that got old we talked about his situation. Grim, he acknowledged. Not much […]

Welcome home

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The Right to Continue to Die

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Three firefighters died on Monday as a result of their exposure to the toxic atmosphere at Ground Zero following the 9-11-01 terrorist attacks. …So now those who went in to get the ones who didn’t make it out are dying. The buildings had fallen, the chance of survival was low, but for every firefighter and […]

“You need to tell somebody…”

Entry Img Rescue 1, Responding 09/16/2014       By Michael Morse Then there’s the little girl whose life has unraveled before she has had a chance to live it. Her father is sick and living in a high-rise, only he is not embracing his existence. Flawed as it may be, he’s thinking only of himself, […]

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Campfire Tour 2014
We've already had this discussion, but I like the Grateful Dead version of Bobby McGee better than Janis'.
2014-10-19 19:49:31
Ebola in Providence?
I worked a 911 system where i told all my new emt. if the pt. has a fever vomiting and diarrhea they are contagious til proven different
2014-10-04 13:05:02
Once again, Michael, a simple, caring action probably helped more than any medical intervention.
2014-09-26 00:35:16
Pat Blackman
First Day Back
Michael, you have not lost your touch. :-) PS. Last time I rode in one of your "cadillacs", I was a pretty good girl. I only vomited a little bit. The blood stayed in a contained area. Aren't you proud of me? LOL. PS I thanked Stephanie and the other EMT too. Take care Buddy.…
2014-09-23 06:43:08
Mike Chisholm
First Day Back
Another great post Capt. Thanks for the laughs
2014-09-18 10:58:16

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