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as usual…Politics

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“Here’s your new schedule. Take it and shut up, or screw, there’s plenty of people waiting to do your job.” This is the shit that kills firefighters more than fires, more than heart attacks, falls, electrocutions or drownings. This is the shit that sneaks into a firefighters subconscious and eats away at their desire to […]

The Beach

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A firefighter needs a place to go to unwind after the tour is through. I am fortunate, a twenty minute walk takes me to a beach where hardly anybody goes. It wasn’t that way in years gone by; Gaspee Point is the place where the first blow for freedom from British Tyranny began. I go […]

With Gratitude

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I think of the soldiers whose lives ended in a foreign land, or even here at home, far away from their friends and families. I think of their last moments, as they looked into the eyes of a person they may have known only a little while, but whose bond held them tighter than blood […]

Window of opportunity

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I tell people a back injury ended my career. That’s because people just will never understand that it was far more than physical injury that contributed to what finally broke me.

Fast and Rosier

This time, I’m going to make a difference. Everything is working; the family called 911 five minutes after the symptoms began, Engine Company 11 arrived three minutes after that, oxygen was administered immediately, vital signs and neurological function assessed and a report transmitted to me. This time, everything is going my way. The family has […]

Top 10 reasons EMS gets no respect

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“I tell ya, I don’t get no respect!” If I had a dollar for every time I heard an EMT or paramedic say that one I’d be able to quit this stinking job. The pay stinks, people are idiots, the staff at the hospital doesn’t respect us, and the cops think they are running OUR […]

Should firefighters shop while on duty?

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I saw a couple of firefighters in the market today, I said hello without getting into the “I used to be one of you” routine and went about my business. Seems like yesterday that I was the one in the uniform, the one with the radio plastered to my ear, loud enough so I could […]

Cut the Cord

And a child is born,   another life,   another story begins.   This one arrives on a stretcher,   rolling through the doorway   at Woman and Infants Hospital.   It couldn’t wait,   couldn’t stand another minute   inside the womb,   of the woman who pushed it away   I said, It’s […]

How we look…

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  It looks like the people of Baltimore, with a few exceptions, have taken control of their city and sent the thugs, looters and rioters packing, for now. The picture of the citizens protecting the police from the angry mob was in my eyes a turning point. We are all people, doesn’t matter much to […]

Twenty, again…and again!

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A few years ago I wrote a blog post that I simply called “Twenty,” and posted it here. The response was great, a few hundred people “liked” it and left some inspiring and heartbreaking commentary.  I figured I would submit the post to The Providence Journal, they liked it too, and featured it on the […]

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Mike F
Top 10 reasons EMS gets no respect
Or maybe you could simply point out that it should be "than" instead of "then" instead of continuing the trend of sarcastic "bashing".
2015-05-15 06:06:55
Nile Barnes
Top 10 reasons EMS gets no respect
Of course the mispelled (homophone) in the image for number 5, doesn't help folks respect the level of education.
2015-05-14 18:21:53
Should firefighters shop while on duty?
Absolutely - good point. Of course if you live a bit further north where snow , Ice and bitterly cold weather is around for 7 months it is a bit to chilly to be hanging outside the rig hoping for people to come talk to you. We park our rigs away from the direct line…
2015-05-14 17:20:27
Commissioner Carey: Go pound sand | Burned-Out Medic
[…] this: Emergency service providers AND THEIR EQUIPMENT stay together AT ALL TIMES so they can respond immediately to a call for service without stopping anywhere such as the station to pick up other crew members or […]
2015-05-07 00:21:13
Unlimited-Unscheduled Hours
Twenty, again…and again!
Michael, Congratulations again on that fine piece, your retirement, and the better place you are in now. I read that piece when you first put it on the blog and it stuck in my head. I didn't realize it myself, but I was entering a dark place too that went on for a few more…
2015-04-27 23:54:12

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