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Alpha Pet Transport; Rescuing Pooches!

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I’m waiting in a parking lot off of Route 395 in Connecticut, along with dozens of other people. We’re all waiting for our new dogs to arrive. Our anticipation is over when a big red truck pulling a white trailer appears on the horizon and enters the lot. We herd over to where the truck […]

Adrenaline Junky

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Thank you for indulging my tendency to be a wise ass when something is bugging me rather than simply coming right out and saying it. If you use Facebook as your success meter and the “likes” and “shares” generated by it as justification for your words then the post “EMS staffed by Nurses” was a […]

EMS Staffed by Nurses

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  Supporters of Community Paramedic programs are having a difficult time grasping the concept that some nurses and their organizations are reticent to jump on the bandwagon. May I present exhibit A. Now, how does that make you paramedics feel? I think that about sums things up.    

Keeping it together

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By Michael Morse Not all responses go as smoothly as we would like. Expert Analysis 10 ways to make a crazy EMS call worse By Michael Morse It’s crazy how often EMS is summoned to a nuthouse. Emotions are frayed; common sense is gone; behind closed doors, dead bolted, chained and put away. People are […]

Shows’ Over

Sometimes, all we can do for our patients is make them feel better during transport.

Complacency Kills

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“It’s easy to forget just how fragile our existence is. It only takes a moment, and everything could end.” I reached in and helped her out. She had fallen into the bushes, and the other residents were laughing at her, calling her Vanessa the Drunk, Vanessa the Whore, Vanessa the Pig. She isn’t a drunk, […]

The Five Stages of Public Safety

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  The five stages of mourning and grief are universal and are experienced by people from all walks of life. The five widely accepted stages are, in order: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. The mind processes grief very much the same way it processes the five stages of a career in Public Safety, only […]

Gratitude, not attitude

We complain a lot about the people who abuse “the system” and take advantage of the benefits that the society we have created offers. These benefits, such as the 911 system serve a purpose, and though the purpose has been distorted and abused, there are those who do need us, and appreciate what we offer, […]

In a blink

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It was a heck of a run but I still ended up on the shelf! Enjoy every minute, it goes by in a blink.

The ten other commandments

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10 Simple Steps to EMS Success 1. Learn An incompetent EMT is a useless EMT. Know the basics. Practice. Read. Get better. Every patient deserves competent care. Provide it. 2. Teach People watch. Everything we do is scrutinized. If they must watch, give them something of value to watch . You are setting an example […]

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Michael Morse

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Michael Morse
Adrenaline Junky
Thank you Renee! I was starting to think I was the only one. Stay safe out there.
2014-08-21 17:02:24
Adrenaline Junky
Ya know, I identify with everything you just said! But then I am a special kind of twisted, because I recently got back into EMS after having been out of it for 20 years... I'm not a nurse, I'm a MEDIC and damn proud of it! We in EMS are a special breed and not…
2014-08-21 16:43:47
John Corrigan
EMS Staffed by Nurses
Let us not forget who started this whole EMS / medic thing; Clara Barton, RN "Angel of the Battlefield" who founded the American Red Cross. My point is, this has always been a collaboration through the years. Only due to nursing shortages and the frequency of injury on our "highways and bi-ways" there was a…
2014-08-21 14:21:56
Ben Ploner
EMS Staffed by Nurses
Maybe i'm missing something, but what does a transfer truck have to do with community paramedicine? Regardless, i'm in Canada and there have been a number of successful projects here using blended RN/Paramedic staffing to fill physician shortages in rural communities, as well as both using both NP's and Paramedics to deliver hospital grade care…
2014-08-20 16:13:54
Andy Jason
EMS Staffed by Nurses
Reading these comments makes me laugh and be angry both. The rig you see pictured, is not used as a 911 ambulance. This rig is used for RN and CCT transfers. I work for this company, and yes we do have RNs that fill street shifts on the paramedic ambulances. When in these trucks there…
2014-08-20 15:25:11

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