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The Right to Continue to Die

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Three firefighters died on Monday as a result of their exposure to the toxic atmosphere at Ground Zero following the 9-11-01 terrorist attacks. …So now those who went in to get the ones who didn’t make it out are dying. The buildings had fallen, the chance of survival was low, but for every firefighter and […]

“You need to tell somebody…”

Entry Img Rescue 1, Responding 09/16/2014       By Michael Morse Then there’s the little girl whose life has unraveled before she has had a chance to live it. Her father is sick and living in a high-rise, only he is not embracing his existence. Flawed as it may be, he’s thinking only of himself, […]

First Day Back

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*Parody, not to be taken seriously! It is no secret that EMTs, Paramedics and Firefighters work long hours. Four days on and four days off is a common schedule. The four working days can be difficult without proper planning. You never know what you will come back to after your “four off.” I’ve perfected my […]

“Ladder Co. 5 on Scene, expidite EMS”

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Five ways firefighters can be better EMT’s Some people excel at everything they do, some are great at a lot of things and then there are the rest of us; people who are great at one or two things and struggle with the rest. It is what makes the world work, if we all were […]


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Dana Beveridge / Flickr At the height of the storm, a seven year old boy began to shake. Then his foot went into involuntary spasms and his eyes rolled back into his head. His mother was alone with the boy, and waited a few moments before calling 911. She was frantic when we arrived, waiting […]


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I look at her notes: End stage renal failure. Diabetes. Congestive Heart Failure. Hypertension. Bag of Meds. Distraught family. Three flights of stairs. Why do the sickest live on the third floor? Desperation fills the room. It has it’s own scent. Adult diapers. More medications spilled on the floor Two teens, tired and scared. Their […]


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We were talking about things, how society seems to have gotten meaner, more self-centered, less community minded. Somebody said this: “You’re a firefighter, you understand about putting others before yourself.” Whoa! Wait a minute here. I do not now, nor ever did indiscriminately put others before myself. Some people have earned their place ahead of […]

overheard BY EVERYBODY from Rescue 1:

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  “I’ll tell you what the problem is. The chief is an idiot, the fat bastards in the station don’t know CPR from CPWHO, minorities are running city hall and the streets are full of crackheads.” “Fire Alarm to Rescue 1″ “And these assholes couldn’t dispatch a dumptruck to pick up a pile of shit!” […]

The middle door

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Isolation at the End of a Tie 08/20/2014 I was thinking bout Robin Williams when I wrote this one. Him, and all of the others that nobody knew, or will ever know. By Michael Morse The landlord was waiting outside. “Haven’t seen him in a week.” “Is that unusual?” “He stays to himself mostly, but […]

Alpha Pet Transport; Rescuing Pooches!

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I’m waiting in a parking lot off of Route 395 in Connecticut, along with dozens of other people. We’re all waiting for our new dogs to arrive. Our anticipation is over when a big red truck pulling a white trailer appears on the horizon and enters the lot. We herd over to where the truck […]

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three The Right to Continue to Die September 26, 2014
First Day Back September 17, 2014
Eyes September 3, 2014
Once again, Michael, a simple, caring action probably helped more than any medical intervention.
2014-09-26 00:35:16
Pat Blackman
First Day Back
Michael, you have not lost your touch. :-) PS. Last time I rode in one of your "cadillacs", I was a pretty good girl. I only vomited a little bit. The blood stayed in a contained area. Aren't you proud of me? LOL. PS I thanked Stephanie and the other EMT too. Take care Buddy.…
2014-09-23 06:43:08
Mike Chisholm
First Day Back
Another great post Capt. Thanks for the laughs
2014-09-18 10:58:16
“Ladder Co. 5 on Scene, expidite EMS”
Maybe, just maybe, Michael, the editors decided to give you the credit you deserve, and were unwilling to give yourself.
2014-09-07 20:31:15
Garry Collins
Order of priority; Self Fellow firefighter(s) Other disciplines (Cops etc.) Joe public Our gear Public property. That’s how the list is going in. Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, and depending on circumstances it may change, but not that often.
2014-08-31 19:03:08

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