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Peking DUCK

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It’s not every day a fire hydrant comes flying through the window of a Chinese Restaraunt. If these folks don’t add “The Flying Hydrant” to their drink list they’re nuts! I’m thinking 151 proof rum, cherry bomb brandy, orange and cranberry juice with a splash of carbonated water served in a fire hydrant shaped cup […]

Darkness Descends

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I am mentally ill. There, I said it. I haveĀ  been medically treated for depression since 2001, when my phyciatrist prescribed Wellbutrin for my condition. Does it work? I don’t know, but I’m afraid to stop taking it. Prior to being medicated I drank. A lot. It was the only thing that brightened my outlook […]


I was half-way through the Providence Fire Department’s 42nd Training Academy, way back in 1991 when my wife, Cheryl was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. The job took me to some dangerous, creepy places over the next 23 years, but that has been a walk in the park compared to living in a body that is […]

Two Kids

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Ben, from Uniform Stories got me talking. Funny what comes up. Things long forgotten return vividly after just a few seconds talking about it.

Done Well

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Ever get the feeling that you missed a great opportunity? Today’s world has become more connected than ever, yet I couldn’t bring myself to do the simplest act of connecting there is. Read more at Uniform Stories…

The Shift

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Part 4 of “The Shift” at EMS World is here, . I’ve pasted all four parts below in case you missed parts 1,2, and 3. The project will last for 12 months and document an overtime shift at Rescue 4, located at Fire Department Headquarters near Downtown Providence. It is based on notes that […]

What about her?

She’s wandering on Hope Street, a busy street by anybody’s standards, no coat, blank expression, forward moving, no side glances, no look both ways, just straight ahead and oblivious. I stopped the truck in the middle of the road. “What’s the matter?” I asked. No answer, no sign of acknowledging my presence, no struggle, no […]

One of Us, from Uniform Stories

Entry Img One of Us byMichael Morse There were two hunting knives on the kitchen table when we first arrived, and the soldier was eyeballing them. We got him past those and into the rescue without incident. For that, I am truly thankful. His wife had called us because he was acting strangely, and had been […]

These Hands

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These hands. These wonderful works of art through which more art is created. These hands have held a newborn as it suckled the teat of her mother, held the hand of a dying man as his days ebbed to hours, minutes, then seconds until the life that animated left his fingertips. These hands have built […]

Coming To

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Somebody in the media contacted me and wants to film a segment about the effects of Narcan. My recent OP/ED in The Providence Journal warned against widespread distribution of the drug, which in my opinion will serve to take the fear of overdosing away from those vulnerable to addiction and lead to more deaths than […]

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