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City Pool

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A fire hydrant is a magnificent and complex machine that allows firefighters to tap into a municipal water system to assist in extinguishing a fire. Yet, during the upcoming steamy days of summer, the children will insist upon opening hydrants to play in the powerful and deadly streams. How do we stop this dangerous practice? […]

Rescue 1 Responding

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My second book, Responding is being re-issued with a new look, new title and new publisher. The original version never had a chance in the difficult and competitive book business. The publisher, Emergency Publishing did what they promised, I have no complaints  with them. This time around, however the book will get the editing, cover […]

Providence Burning

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I have to admit, the new cover for Rescuing Providence is exactly what I wanted. Providence Burning. I may have to seek therapy. The book has been out of print for a few months now, and the e-book unavailable. All of that is changing next month when it will be re-issued, first as an e-book, […]

The secret language of EMS

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From the book, Responding: I spent months in EMT cardiac school learning how to analyze different rhythms and their underlying cause. We practiced identifying and interpreting everything from a normal sinus rhythm, premature atrial contractions, paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia, atrial fibrillation, junctional rhythms, PVC’s, V-tack, asystole and many more. Mike has finished connecting the leads, runs […]

Up All Night

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07/16/2015 Fire Engineering gives me two opportunities each month to connect with their readers. One column focuses on training and Engine Company EMS. The following article is from the lesser known section of their website, FireLife. Here, I get to write about whatever I like, as long as it has to do with the fire […]

The same but different

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Rescuing Providence   3 hrs ·   In the twelve years I was a Rescue Officer in Providence I’ve had 2 female partners a Hispanic partner, a Jewish Partner, a Black partner, an Irish partner , an Asian partner and a Troglodyte. With the exception of the Troglodyte, each and every one of them has […]

Now I Worry

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We think we’re bulletproof, protected by invisible borders that somehow keep us safe. People get killed “over there” not here. We say what we want, do what we want and think what we want.   Unless a maniac with hate in his heart and guns in his hands decides to end all that. Then those […]

Who’s on Point?

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Writing personal anecdotes is a hoot, I get an enormous kick out of telling these stories. However, I did respond to a ton of 911 emergencies during my time as a firefighter, Lieutenant and Captain, the majority of which were EMS related. When the folks at Fire Engineering asked me to do an Engine Company […]

Respect and Admiration

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I’ve been away from the daily grind of patient care for a while now, but still enjoy reading, writing and talking about Fire/EMS things. I keep this blog going because I think I still have valid things to share, and like to stay somewhat relevant in the field I worked in for decades. Every now […]

On top of the helmet

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There’s firefighters, and there’s people who work on the fire department. Just because you got a job on the fire department doesn’t mean you are a firefighter. Just because you got through the academy doesn’t mean you are a firefighter. Just because you are ballsy enough to run into a burning building does not make […]

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Michael Morse

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Providence Burning
Looking forward to the new book! Your other two are all time favorites of mine!
2015-07-29 13:04:13
Gea Haff
Providence Burning
The cover looks great, Michael!
2015-07-25 17:41:22
Susan Sangster
The same but different
Hi Mike- I am contacting you because my Dad, a WWII veteran, a former call man on the Warwick Fire Dept, a 37 year cancer survivor, a husband of 65 years, a Dad of two daughters, a "Poppy" to five grandchildren and eight and 1/2 great grandchildren is interested in obtaining your book "Rescuing Providence."It…
2015-07-21 23:47:44
The what if we’re wrong-a-thon – Narcan edition
this is a subject that provokes an ethical debate. i am a long time medic and believe narcan should be available to everyone. we didnt make these people junkies, but I suppose everyone has a right to save themselves or their loved ones. your logic about not doing drugs is sound, BUT! do we still…
2015-06-22 10:20:00
13 things that drive a medic nuts…
Calling from the parking lot or across the street, or even the waiting room because they haven't been "seen".
2015-06-19 14:22:27

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