May 2018
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Nice and Easy

"Rescue 1, Respond to 198 Darwin Street for a fifty year old female with a headache." "Rescue 1, responding." First call, new week. Nice and easy. We roll from the station, the bright morning sunshine filling the cab. It's a beautiful day in Providence, RI. "I like a nice easy call to get me going," […]


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The firefighters unions oppose any and all incursions by private ambulance companies into our turf. All 911 calls are handled by the appropriate agencies, in Rhode Island's case, local fire departments. Private companies are always trying to get into the "lucrative" 911 business. A line is drawn, sides taken, an Us against Them environment fostered. […]


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I've got a brother over there. A lot of people have brothers over there. A lot of people have lost loved ones over there. Just wondering, how many from over there, or over anywhere have ever lost a drop of blood, or shed a tear for anybody over here. Just wondering. Rest in Peace.   […]

Saturday Ramblings

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For the first time since 1917, when the United States was issued a AAA rating by Standard and Poor's, the United States credit rating has been downgraded. S&P's spokespeople cite  "difficulties in bridging the gulf between political parties" as a major reason for the downgrade from U.S.'s top shelf AAA status to AA+, the next […]

20th for the 42nd

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My apologies if you heard this story before, but some stories just get better with age. It's been a great twenty years, if I could do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing.   Twenty years ago, this very day, a twenty-nine year old man stood at attention with sixty-three other trainees listening […]


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"Rescue 1, respond to 342 Smith Street, on the third floor, for a man ill." "Rescue 1, responding." Flies meet us at the door. Big ones, buzzing lazily on the other side. They exit the place en masse when I open the door. Three flights of stairs feel like twenty in the oppressive heat, and […]

Save the Whiskey

A city close to Providence has declared bankruptcy. The retired police and firefighters were asked, and rightly refused, to sacrifice half of their pensions so the city MIGHT be able to remain solvent. What happens now is anybodies guess. The first of the month carnival is in full swing here in Providence. Government checks come […]

(Mistakenly) Overheard in Rescue 1

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"I'll tell you what the problem is. The chief is an idiot, the fat bastards in the station don't know CPR from CPWHO, minorities are running city hall and the streets are full of crackheads." "Fire Alarm to Rescue 1" "And these assholes couldn't dispatch a dumptruck to a pile of shit. Rescue 1 to […]

The Kids

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The other night, a seven  year old girl got shot in the shoulder. Some people decided to shoot up the back yard bar-b-que. A few inches one side or the other and up a little and she would be dead, and the whole country would be outraged at the senseless violence plaguing our society. Candlelight […]

Book News

First, I'd like to thank you for stopping by my blog. Visitors keep me writing, for if not for you, there really wouldn't be any reason to write this stuff down, I already know what I'm thinking. In case anybody is interested, and judging from the Amazon ranking over the last few weeks a lot […]

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