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I'm taking over EMS. I'm turning it into a national organization, and renaming it The EMS. New uniforms will be issued, black shirts and trousers, with a big yellow EMS in capitol letters emblazoned on the back, an American Flag on the left shoulder, and a Department of EMS patch on the right. Each and […]

Triple Cherries

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Kudos to The Leary Firefighters Foundation for their continuing support of the fire service. "The Leary Firefighters Foundation was established in 2000 by actor Denis Leary in response to a tragic fire in Worcester, Massachusetts that claimed the lives of Denis’ cousin, a childhood friend, and four other firefighters. The Leary Firefighters Foundation’s mission is […]


I've found a new reason to believe in a higher power. A dead person. Death is ugly, undignified, smells very badly and in no way, shape or form remotely resembles the person that occupied the body that lies on the floor, mouth open, dried vomit attracting hundreds of flies, and more bugs than I could […]

Everybody Look at the Bad Guy!

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She called us because she was in severe pain. I didn't ask why she didn't have somebody drive her to the hospital when I found her lying in the front seat, didn't even think about it. Her husband and kids were standing next to the car, you could tell they were concerned. We wheeled our […]


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The fire service has been very good to me. I've put a lot into it, taken every opportunity to advance, gotten the certifications and commensurate pay raises. Overtime is abundant. That was a bonus I never saw coming, when I was hired in 1991 there was zero overtime, and that lasted for years. As the […]


She was laying in the front seat of a car when we arrived, said he abdominal pain was 10/10, had a history of ovarian cysts and the pain happened suddenly, while she was walking to the car. She had spent the day cooking fish during a fundraiser, a fish fry, that raised a lot of […]

Dependance Day

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I'm in a pretty un-patriotic place right now, and I hate being here. I've got a brother in Afghanistan continuing the tradition of standing up for the citizens of this piece of land we call America, sitting in a god-forsaken mountain on a rock, no hamburgers and beer for him, the only fireworks the occasional […]

Gun Fight We found him laying under a box truck. I crawled under, dragged him onto a longboard and with help from Brian and the guys from Engine 13 dragged him out. Once illumination entered the picture, supplied from a streetlamp directly overhead I saw the lower half of his right leg soaked with blood, and […]

Knife Fight

"You are way to cute to be in a knife fight!" She brushed a lock of hair away from an eye, sat a little more straight, gave me a beautiful smile and said, "you think so?" "I know so." She really was adorable. Nineteen years old, looked fifteen, t-shirt tied way up her waist, jeans […]

No Place Like Home

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Rescue 1 Log  2 Jul 11 Night Tour     1607       76 Baker                      Seizure 1755       68 Searle                     Vomiting 1905       550 Broad                   Intoxicated 2032        500 Broad                  Miscairage 2127        1 Finance Way           Fall/Syncope 2212        76 Benedict                Abdominal Pain 2344        787 Broad                   MVA 0040        21 Peace                     Stabbing 0133         68 Althea                    Overdose […]

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