Ken Marshall Jr., 3rd Generation Firefighter

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Associated Press – November 26, 2010 1:24 PM ET REHOBOTH, Mass. (AP) – Police say a Rehoboth firefighter died in the line of duty on Thanksgiving. Police said Friday that firefighter Ken Marshall, Jr. responded Thursday evening to a fire alarm when he went into cardiac arrest. The fire engine was just leaving the station […]

The Case of the Rapunzel Retreat

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"Mr Watson! Get me a board!" The crumbled form of what at first glance appeared to be human, twenty years of age, and grievously injured lie at the foot of a chain link fence. Above that fence, at the height of approximately twenty feet a window stood open, sheer curtains billowing from the room to […]

The Welsh Viking

Sometimes less is more. We forget how it feels to be on the other end of the proverbial stethoscope. Heddwch lets us know. Thanks, Heddwch, great post!

Shameless Self Promotion Part… I forget there have been so many.

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Just in time for the Christmas shopping rush, a little prompt to buy Rescuing Providence for everybody on your gift list!

The Case of the Steaming Dumpling

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"And now, for something completely different…" "A man is choking in a Chinese Restaurant. Mr. Watson, the game is afoot!" En route to the eating establishment thoughts of murder refused to be put to rest. "Watson, perhaps the report of a man choking is a thinly veiled diversion masquerading a much more devious plot." "I'm […]

Firefighters Memorial Weekend

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I learned more from him in the hundred words he spoke to me than I did in the hundreds of textbooks we study.

Remember September 12th…

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Soldiers are still dying as a result of that day.

9-11 9 Years later

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What amazes me is the realization that kids are entering high school with no recollection of the events that transpired that day.


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We love to eat. We love to cook. We love to visit the  stores, familiarize ourselves with the district, interact with the people we are paid to protect and contribute to the local economy. It's one of the many great parts of the greatest job in the world. Generations of firefighters have shared the experience […]

Smoldering by Peter Dudley

I’ve been reading a lot of short stories from The Clarity of Night contest, this one written by Peter Dudley really hit home. SMOLDERING As slow as winter, fear seeped into our speech. Its icy tendrils crept among our minds and Insinuated themselves around our hearts. Its fragments latched onto words and tumbled […]

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