Daily Smiles

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It was a Monday, people lost in their own worlds, automatons on auto-pilot, going through the necessary routine we call life.

Insomniac Medic

If you get sick of my ramblings, (and who wouldn’t, I’m actually sick of myself) give The Insomniac’s Guide to Ambulances a try, if you haven’t already. http://insomniacmedic.blogspot.com/ Of course, his last post linked directly here, but dig deeper, and you will find some of the best writing about our proffession out there. Plus, he […]

This Ones For The Workers

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Strange days are upon us. I’m with the workers. http://www.dropkickmurphys.com/2011/02/22/take-em-down-the-dropkick-murphys-stand-with-wisconsin/


Time marches on, and twenty years passed in the blink of an eye. The person I was when I started is long gone, a different, more somber, at times cynical person has taken his place.

EMS Blog of the Year!

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http://firecritic.com/contests/fire-ems-blog-of-the-year-2010/finalists-and-voting/ I wish I were half as classy and gracious as The Happy Medic,  http://happymedic.com/2011/01/16/blog-of-the-year-2010/ but I’m not. So vote for Rescuing Providence, and all of your dreams will come true!

The Welsh Viking

The Welsh Viking is somebody who, rather that complain and whine about “The System” actually did something, and continues to do so. If you get a chance, please follow the link, and read the post, and say thanks. http://thewelshviking.wordpress.com/2011/01/17/what-is-an-emergency/ Thank you, Heddwch.

Medical Author Chat with Greg Friese


The Case of the Bloody Hands

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"Mr. Watson! To the buggy, another case is afoot!" We left the station and travelled a mile and a half to find a school bus, stopped by the side of the road. Inside were students of a most delicate age, thirteen years to perhaps fifteen. A person stood by the doorway that led to the […]

Chicago Mourns by Lt. Tom Kenney, Providence Fire Department

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http://theprovidencefireman.blogspot.com/2010/12/chicago-mourns.html Tuesday, December 28, 2010 CHICAGO MOURNS… Chicago mourns for two fallen brothers As others have before These occurrences are all too familiar And I pray there be no more But just as it’s certain that fires will come It’s certain that more will die ‘cause there will always be people in peril And firefighters […]

Chicago Fire Department LODD

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I have no intention of making “The Ultimate Sacrifice.”  Nor did the two firefighters who perished this morning when a wall collapsed on them. There are no guarantees in this job but one, guaranteed sometime between now and Friday morning I will either be on the highway dodging speeding motorists while pulling some poor soul […]

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