Do the Unexpected/EMS Week 2011

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Honest EMT Mike's Rules for a Happy Career, Part 4 EMS Week 2011 When all else fails do the unexpected. Called for an infant  with a fever at three in the morning? Say, "Hello little baby," and take her temperature the way you would your own kids, or your mother took yours, by actually touching […]

Code Red! 1990

Entry Img!/video/video.php?v=116016768409055&oid=101308636577729&comments I never get tired of watching this, produced in 1990. I started with the Providence Fire Department in 1991, remember it like it was yesterday. There's been a lot of days since yesterday it seems!


All around me the city exploded, inside me explosions of a different sort escaped, poisoning the atmosphere of the cramped cab.

This Time Again She came here from a nice city in Russia, a place two days train ride from Moscow, a place so pristine mineral water flowed in little rivers through the town, clean enough to kneel down, cup your hands and drink. Her daughter had moved to America years ago, gotten married and had a family of […]

Out with the Old Guy, In with the Newbies!

Entry Img The only thing I like better than being on the rescue is writing about it! Here's a great chance for you folks new at this to give it a try. If you are a newbie and decide to enter and found the contest here, leave a comment, and if your entry wins 1st, 2nd […]


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Last week, no murders. This week, three murders. A seventeen year old girl was one of the shooting victims, then a twenty-five year old guy stabbed to death on Mawney Street. Now this. I've seen a trend over the years, things happen in waves.  Summer is coming, fueds reigniting, people are broke, should be interesting. […]

The Big I Am

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2230 hrs. The "Big I Am" here; listen up. I've been here before, seen this act a thousand times, don't buy it, nope, not for a minute. Yeah she had open heart surgery in March, yeah she says she has chest pain now, yada, yada, yada. Put the IV kit away, keep her on oxygen […]

1000-5000-100,000 and Counting!

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Progress Report$16835 People still find my book, Rescuing Providence interesting enough to talk about. Marie Nordberg from EMS World called me a few weeks ago and we talked about the book and the writing of it for a while, the above link is the result of that. Thank you, Marie, and EMS World for […]


I've often wondered why I don't get sick. I carry sick people down their stairs, breathing their exhaled germs while huffing and puffing with their weight, put them into my rescue, wipe vomit from their faces and get splattered with their blood. On more occasions I care to remember all of the universal precautions available […]


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The soda was sweet, ice cold and perfect. It burned my throat as I guzzled the contents of the little eight ounce can but I couldn't stop drinking. The belch that followed was even more satisfying than the drink itself. "I haven't had a real Coke in years," I said to Brian, who tossed his […]

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