The Handover at The EMT Spot One of the best, and probably the most informative blog I’ve come across is The EMT Spot. Steve is hosting this month’s edition of The Handover, the only one I’ve missed. I wrote this as a comment but figured I’d post it here. Thanks for stopping by. When it all Came Together The […]


I wonder… Does he remember his friend being dragged from his side, hysterical, and a firefighter taking his place? Does he remember the collar going around his neck? His arms being held down? His legs tied to the board? A 16 Guage IV inserted into his arm? A mask covering his face? Me, pushing his […]


“I’ll do it,” said Hector.He was the only one among us who spoke fluent enough Spanish to articulate my desire to let this person pass peacefully. A minute at most, seconds from eternal rest. She was ninety-four. Earlier in the week we took her from her comfortable bedroom in a recently rehabbed apartment building that […]


"It appears we have an open and shut case, Mr. Watson! We're being sent to Pekin Street for a man who has stopped taking his medications." "Ah, Mr. Holmes, a quick ride to the hospital and back in service." "Elementary, my dear Watson! Tally Ho!" "There sir, standing by the side of the road. That […]


We forced a storm door and entered the home through the rear door. "Fire Department!" A low moan came from somewhere and the search was on. The guys from Engine 10 went one way, Ryan and me the other. Something that never changes, be it a fire, inspection or rescue run, companies stick together. We […]

Spence Kennedy

Every now and then I read a post from one of the many excellent blogs I follow that literally knocks my socks off. Has anyone seen my socks?

Crazy Heart

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Tom Cobb wrote Crazy Heart years ago. Now it’s a movie getting some great reviews. Jeff Bridges recently won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of the main character and there is a good chance he’ll win an Oscar. I met Tom through my Uncle Brian. The two have been friends and colleagues for years. […]

John in Condition Yellow John Higgs worked with the publisher of Rescuing Providence for a time, and edited an article I wrote for the Paladin book, The Paladin Book of Dangerously Fun Things. I just spent some time reading his blog, I think some of you will love it, (AD and TOTWTYTR.) I know I enjoy it.

A Power Within Susie Hemingway”s book, A Power Within, Poems of Love came in the mail today. I plan on giving it to the Mrs. for Christmas. I can’t think of a better gift. I hid it in the basement after giving it a quick read. The quick read lasted over an hour, even though I had […]

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