Small World

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I ran into Ashley at the grocery store, I hadn’t seen her in a while, she seemed okay, but as our conversation progressed it became clear that something was wrong. Turns out a good friend of hers and an acquaintance of mine  overdosed on heroin earlier in the week, and her, less than a year […]

Rescuing Providence in the news

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Starting Next Week: GoLocalProv Starts Publishing “Rescuing Providence” By Michael Morse       Monday, March 07, 2016 GoLocalProv News Team Starting next Monday, March 14 GoLocal begins pubishing weekly the chapter’s of Rhode Islander Michael Morse’s books that chronicles the challenges and frustrations about being being a first reponder. The […]

Is it Time to Arm Firefighters and EMS

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From my article at Uniform Stories… 7 Reasons Why NOT to Arm EMS   1) EMS is hard enough. Carrying a firearm (and maintaining proper training) while on duty will only make it harder. 2) The public we serve needs to know we are neutral. Arming even one EMS provider ruins that status and puts […]

Community Paramedicine for Dinosaurs

Entry Img   Brandon at EMS Basics asked some bloggers to consider the other side of a topic that they have strong feelings about, one way or the other, and reconsider. Here’s my reconsideration of Community Paramedicine; funny thing is, I actually like this new opinion better that the one I had before considering an alternative. […]

Scene Recollection at Medic Scribe

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One of my favorite EMS authors, Peter Canning shared this this morning: My last deposition has haunted me for years. I don’t feel so bad now, thanks Peter!     The following is a transcript of my last deposition. Considering I’m recreating it from memory, the entire thing may be completely fabricated.   “Do […]

Be a Providence Firefighter!

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The Providence Fire Department is Hiring Employment The Providence Fire Department is now accepting applications to our next training academy. The Providence Fire Department is accepting applications for our next academy which may or may not commence sometime in the distant future. This notice is actually a desperate attempt by the administration to look pro-active […]

Howdy, Partner

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“…There is something sacred inside the cab of the world’s ambulances. The small space that we inhabit after the smoke has cleared, the battles for life won or lost, babies delivered, lives changed forever, and things we will never experience in the outside world. The ambulance cab holds more secrets than a church confessional. Never […]

Arming Medical Personnel

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I read on Paramedics on Facebook something about EMT’s and Medics now being able to carry guns as part of their equipment here in the US. The person who wrote the post may have been referring to a 2013 article in JEMS, where in Bethel Township, Ohio a program was launched allowing first responders to […]

The What if We’re Wrong-a-thon

The What if we’re wrong-a-thong has been rescheduled by Branson for March 3rd, so my Community  Paramedics post will have to wait. Maybe I’ll rethink it. Again.

Hope, Health and Sanity intact

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We know what we see is real. We know how it feels. We live with the memories, and know that more will come. We are tuned in to every aspect of the firefighting life. We know when a brother or sister is lost, and we mourn in our own way, no matter how far away […]

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