Firefighter or pretender

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Either you are a firefighter, or you are not. The uniform cannot cover character. Providence hires with preferential treatment for city residents and minorities. Perhaps we should judge our applicants not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

The night before

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nThere’s something about the stuffing. When we were kids, Wednesday Night was better than Thanksgiving. It was then, with only us in the house that the real Thanksgiving took place. Tomorrow we’d have a house full, but tonight, there was no stress, no worries, just the six of us. The aroma of butter, onions and […]


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I used to take my ability to hyper-focus for granted, thinking it was something everybody could do if they were in my shoes. It isn’t a skill learned, nothing I had to study for, it just is. I read something about how sports stars do similar things, when the game is on the line, the […]

Hard to look up

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He’s on the floor in his bathroom, the pain in his leg excruciating after a fall off the toilet onto the hard tile. His wife sits in the bedroom, staring blankly. He begs her to call 911, to get some help moving. She continues to stare. Eventually the people from the assisted living facility do […]

A Christmas Carol, Fire/EMS style

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Free e book, and I wrote it! I always feel a lot like Christmas when I think of Dickens and Scrooge. I hope you download the book and enjoy my firefighter take on the classic story, A Christmas Carol.

We Few

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A Firefighter’s Life Well Lived 11/16/2016 By Michael Morse Before you know it, your career will be over. You may make it 10, 20, 30, or 40-plus years; it matters not, it goes by in a blink. I made it to 25, spent more time than I care to recall complaining about this or that, […]

Just a headache?

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The call came in, and everybody in the dayroom laughed. “Rescue 5, respond to California Avenue for a female with a headache for three weeks.” All the way to California I stewed. I’m not big on confrontation, but enough is enough. Somebody has to stop these nonsense calls, it may as well be me. Our […]

Chapter 25 at GoLocalProv

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People pull together when tragedy happens, sometimes. More often than not a cell phone call to 911 exonerates passersby, helps them think that they did the right thing. Now and then people get involved, and make a difference. In this chapter, two nursing students stopped on a busy highway to help a kid with a […]

Harvest Moon

Entry Img So…Neil Young. His were the first songs I learned, or more accurately, thought I learned some thirty five years ago. Three or four chord wonders, Am, G, E and C could get you through dozens of songs. They were fun to play, and easy, and a great way to feel like you were “getting […]

Veterans Day, 2016

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From great men are firefighters born. A peaceful and safe Veteran’s Day to all who served. My Dad, Robert Morse, (1928-1990) USN, Korean War Veteran, served on the USN Destroyer the USS Warrington.

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